OCI-P LogoutRequest Doesn't Generate A Response...

Hi Forum,

When sending a LogoutRequest before terminating an OCI-P persistent TCP connection, no subsequent SuccessReponse or ErrorResponse is received from the BroadWorks telephony platform, e.g. (as generated from the OCIClient test application):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<BroadsoftDocument protocol = "OCI" xmlns="C" xmlns:xsi="
    <sessionId xmlns="">,197005066,1327589499707</sessionId>
    <command xsi:type="LogoutRequest" xmlns="">


The schema documentation states that "LogoutRequest is sent when an OCI user logs out or when connection is lost. This command can be sent either to the server, or to the client from OCS. Response is either SuccessResponse or ErrorResponse.". However, the OCIClient example code states "OCS connection logout does not respond.".

Is the missing subsequent response message a defect or by-design? For example, should the application not generate an outbound response either if the BroadWorks actually sends the application a LogoutRequest message too?


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