BroadSoft Xtended Voice Mashup Contest

BroadSoft announced the winners of the BroadSoft Xtended Voice Mashup Contest on September 18th.  Web 2.0 and telecom developers were challenged to combine BroadWorks(R) VoIP features with other Web-based services such as customer relationship management tools, business collaboration and social networking sites. Telephony applications such as SMS, voicemail, fax and mobile clients also qualified for submission.

"The ability to create mashups of Web services with voice features allows developers to quickly and easily create applications that positively impact public safety, business processes and other communication functions in ways that have not yet been possible," said Michael Tessler, BroadSoft's CEO and president. "Voice and Web 2.0 communication mashups are enabling innovation across all industries, allowing them to operate more efficiently."

The applications were judged based on their innovation, usability, their benefit to end-users and their level of mash-up sophistication.

The Official Xtended Voice Mashup Contest Winners:

First Place

Disaster Dispatcher

Created by Hyannis, Mass.-based Thomas Howe, the Disaster Dispatcher is a voice mashup that integrates Twitter, BroadWorks and RSS feeds all into a one-window communications tool for emergency operators. By keeping information contained in one place for easy access, emergency personnel can analyze the collection of communication information after the emergency to optimize response procedures.

"Disaster Dispatcher is a true mashup that integrates multiple services, in a real use case and is Web-based and thus widely accessible," said John Musser, founder and blogger of Programmable Web, a site that covers mashups, Web 2.0 APIs and the Web as a platform. "Twitter notification and RSS integration are creative applications."

The first place winner will receive $5,000 in cash and a trip to BroadSoft Connections 2008 with a free Solutions ShowCase booth. The package is valued at $15,500.

Second Place

Project ARCTIC

Accounts Receivable Transactional Interface Communicator

Created by WorldXchange, a telecommunications carrier based in New Zealand, Project ARCTIC improves the accounts receivable process within organizations. It leverages low cost methods to notify customers of past due accounts and ensures greater probability by providing reminders to ensure bills are paid on time.

"ARCTIC is a well-conceived integration, surprisingly with a focus on the back-end side of the equation," said Rich Karpinksi, reporter at Telephony Magazine and blog content provider for Telephony 2.0, covering news, technologies and business strategies of telecom providers. "The low-touch and low-cost automated features make it a nice customer service application."

The following scenario depicts a customer going through a normal collection process in a typical business scenario. This process shows the credit cycle from the invoice stage to the collections agency.  Over 85 days, a customer may only receive 3 notifications from a business requesting payment.  

Historical Scenario:

The aim of Project Artic is to introduce the ability to have a number of low cost methods for contacting the customer - prior to a letter being sent out. Using call control XML and voice XML scripts, we can give the customer an opportunity to be transferred to a customer service representative to discuss their account or facilitate repayment options. Another huge benefit of using BroadSoft, ARTIC allows call history to be logged into the CRM systems and automatically schedules additonal calls when needed.

New Scenario using ARTIC based on BroadSoft Integration:

The second place winner will receive $2,000 in cash and a trip to BroadSoft Connections with a complimentary pass. The package is valued at $5,500.

Third Place


Developed by Las Vegas-based Joseph Farrar, QuickSet provides Windows and MAC operating system users with access to their BroadWorks services via a unique, simple desktop interface. The interface is powered by the Adobe AIR platform which provides the ability to run Flash applications on the desktop.


The third place winner will receive $1,000 in cash and a complimentary pass to BroadSoft Connections 2008. The package is valued at $3,500.

Demo Instructions:

  • To install the application, click here.
  • For the server address, enter Xsp address for your network.  For the sandbox it is
  • Enter your username and password.


Mobile Prov

Created by Joseph Farrar, Mobile Prov, is a user-friendly mobile portal that allows end user control over BroadWorks services, such as call forwarding, simultaneous ring, remote office, and do not disturb.  Applicable from any mobile device, the user simply logs into the Mobil Prov application and is up and running.


Demo Instructions:

•    Follow this link from your mobile phone’s web browser:
•    For the server address, enter Xsp address for your network.  For the sandbox it is
•    Enter your username and password.
•    Hit enter.


Created by VoxIdea and Gerardo F. Cardenas Mtz, VoxIM is part of a suite of applications created with the intent of facilitating a user’s communication efficiency. By integrating voice, call control, presence, instant messaging and voice messaging in an economical and open application environment, VoxIM has achieved its principals of simplifying the user’s inter-office communication experience as well as facilitating a tool that will promote the use of the BroadWorks platform at the user level.

Demo Instructions:
•    To install the application, click here.
•    Select – BroadSoft Contest Version.
•    Select your server from the drop down list –
•    Enter your credentials – username and password.

VFX Manager

Created by WorldXchange, VFX Manager is a stand-alone application that runs on Windows or Linux and allows the user to manage their BroadSoft services.  Ideal for the residential market, VFX Manager resides in the system tray of your PC for easy access.  Anytime a user needs to change any BroadSoft feature- it is one click to open the application and then to make your changes.

Demo Instructions:
•    To install the application, click here.
•    Please log in with your username and password.
•    Select the Xsi option and set your server address to that of the Sandbox -